Ancelotti: I’ve made a mistake in selling Ozil [interview]

Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: I've made a mistake in selling Ozil [interview]  

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Real Madrid News Now : Spanish newspaper interview as Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti with newspaper Gulf News when he was in Doha, in which he talked about the reason for selling Ozil and several things.

What is the secret of a good relationship with the players?
There is no secret or magic formula for dealing with star players you just have to respect the players.

What is the difference between Cristiano and Bale?
Cristiano is the best player we have and always offers the best levels,
Bale when he came to us was not ready physically and Yakyia and suffered several injuries
But we will try to help him back to his real.

Maspb selling German player Mesut Ozil?
I think I mis committed when Ozil was given the opportunity to negotiate and move to Arsenal
After all, we have the great players, but we need to strengthen in the spearhead after the departure of Higuain.

What is the difference between the French and the Spanish championship?
Two different tournaments, but in France there is support from all the French league
Making the French league very popular.

What are the favorites to win the 2014 World Cup?
I see Brazil and Spain are the leading candidates to win the tournament
Italy is less chance of them but I think it would give a big tournament.

What do you see to the problems encountered in Qatar for organizing the 2022 World Cup?
There is no problems in the organization of the tournament, the problem lies in the time of organization
Play in the tournament because the winter will be a big problem for European teams.  

Real Madrid News Now

Ancelotti: I’ve made a mistake in selling Ozil [interview]

Real Madrid News Now

via Hala Madrid



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