Finder Cristiano : It was possible to retire

Real Madrid News Now, Finder Cristiano : It was possible to retireبيريرا

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Real Madrid News Now : Said Aurelio Pereira talent scout who discovered Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid star was possible to retire from football and run away from confrontation if they do not have superhuman strength and a sharp competitive him up for the challenge.

Pereira explained that the difficulty faced by Ronaldo child at the beginning of his career when he was 12 years old in Lisbon was enough to pay to escape without his strong personality.

Pereira said : “When I came to Lisbon, Ronaldo was only 12 years old and lived a tough time coping. I’ve cried a few times in the beginning. Left the place where he was raised and his family and came to a distant city and a great and universal in a harsh environment and facilities were not as sophisticated as they are now. Imagine how the situation was for him. “

“It was not easy at all, though it was not very strong and is convinced that his dream was to become a football player for the failure and remained submerged.”

He added: “If the young man lived not very strong in those circumstances experienced by Ronaldo during his career to leave the football certainly commented his shoes.”

Commenting on the win the Ballon d’Or Don said: “I spoke to Ronaldo to congratulate him. Was aroused just like me. I am very happy for Cristiano. It was not fair to Ronaldo wins Ballon d’Or only once because of its importance as a player in the world. “

“It’s an individual award, Cristiano is the best player without a doubt. Scored 69 goals more than any other competitors [Messi and Ribery] combined. A lot of work to get the award. No one knows this other work and no one else knows the amount of hours he has devoted his life to the sport. Football of his life. “ 

Real Madrid News Now

Finder Cristiano : It was possible to retire

Real Madrid News Now

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