Cristiano Ronaldo how to shoot with all the force

Real Madrid News Now Cristiano Ronaldo how to shoot with all the force

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Ronaldo shot speed reached more than 115 km / h, and many believe that those missiles that sends rocket Madeira stems from the magnitude of the muscles of the thigh.

Yes to the power of the muscles of the thigh of great importance in Shooting powerful, especially the muscles of the inner thigh, but not the most important, if you want to improve your ability to repay, you should give priority to the muscles of the lower abdomen are in charge of the first and most important about it a point overlooked by many who want to develop their potential to repay strongly.

The technically every move my body is doing during the payment makes a big difference in power:

1. If you, for example, a right-wing, consider using the left foot beside the fulcrum ball directly without leaving a considerable distance behind her and a few Psontimtrut.

2. It is also important individual arms the right way to create a balance of physical true what you can control Foot outstanding to the fullest.

3. Intuitive point but overlooked some of which is re-paid to the foot farthest point possible during the shot.

4. Running quickly to pay off the ball or taking big steps before reaching the ball to repay.

5. Face shot outside of the foot and not the sole of the foot.

6. Finally and most importantly in terms of moving the body is melodic back slightly forward, some making a mistake not to melodic back or bend back weakens much of the shot and make him lose the outstanding focus going ball to the top of the goal, and the melodic back forward very much irritated a large part of the power of the shot. 

Cristiano Ronaldo how to shoot with all the force

Real Madrid News Now

via Hala Madrid



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