Alvaro Arbeloa: Barcelona is the first enemy

Real Madrid News Now Alvaro Arbeloa: Barcelona is the first enemy

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Real Madrid News Now : Presence Spain defender Alvaro Arbeloa in an interview with Channel Antenna Spanish, the first words Arbeloa was the praise of the Portuguese coach, former Real Madrid Mourinho when he said it: I know Mourinho personally, is my friend and the people you do not know, only in conferences and talking about bad, a coach is a requirement, but as a human being is a wonderful person.

 And the comparison between Mourinho and Del Bosque said Arbeloa: Mourinho won everything in different places, training method between the two are different. 

And competition in La Liga with Atletico and Barcelona Arbeloa said : we do not hear what they say in the media, I do not know whether there is criticism or not, but all I can say is that we are on track and are going through a good, Atletico Madrid offers good performance, but the first enemy is Barcelona.  

Arbeloa talked about the Spanish team when he said: We have done what he did not do any European team where materialized euro’s twice in a row and after the World Cup also materialized There is no doubt we want to win the next World Cup. 

Arbeloa talked about the Italian coach Ancelotti said : we are lucky because we have good coaches always came Ancelotti and received him with open arms, a great coach and has achieved in the past several tournaments in Italy, England and France. And finally commented on his favorite team in England, where the journalist asked him, “Liverpool or Mourinho?” Individual Arbeloa: Liverpool no doubt, I have spent three wonderful years in Liverpool accompanied by Xavi.

Real Madrid News Now

Alvaro Arbeloa: Barcelona is the first enemy

Real Madrid News Now

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