Conference Ancelotti: Carvajal and Coentrao and Di Maria will play tomorrow

Real Madrid News Now, Conference Ancelotti: Carvajal and Coentrao and Di Maria will play tomorrow

Real Madrid News Now : Shows Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Granada . 
 The first question for Russell responded Carlo: Barcelona must respect, and also the decision of Russell.
  Carlo: a significant improvement in the players and we have a great chance to win tomorrow.
Again for Russell and Carlo contained hate: the debate is in my team, I want the debate over Real Madrid only.
Carlo: Granada is going very well and we are also in good condition.
Carlo: the team improved greatly in the level of defense after Christmas which grants more attacking solutions.
Carlo: periodic table gives preference tomorrow, we can precedence tomorrow, but the most important is to reduce the six-point difference.
Carlo: Isco did not get a lot of opportunities in recent games, the current tactic of Aymanh opportunity for all players.
Carlo Di Maria will play tomorrow alongside Luca and Alonso.
Carlo: Varane? Is getting better and will not exist tomorrow, can exist in the next week.
Carlo: it is not crucial for Isco, may play in the next matches and gets the chance.
Carlo: Carvajal and Coentrao will play tomorrow.
Carlo: Zidane is very important for most players, has a special charisma.
Carlo: Zidane’s important José Morata and it helps them a lot and also does a great job with the rest of the players.

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Carlo: The player plays well when the audience applauds him, when he plays badly the public yellows it, it’s simple.
Carlo: I do not know Machristdt with Di Maria tomorrow at the Bernabeu, the fans should help the team.
Carlo: confident and very much in Arbeloa Carvajal, and will provide superb performance with the rotation.
Carlo: We have to be careful with every game, every game is important.
French journalist in the last question and Carlo reply to him, “Welcome, French here!” He la
Interviewer: Everyone is talking that the French players lazy, you possess and Varane Benzema and Zidane, I want an answer?
Carlo: I do not think the French are lazy, we are talking about teams playing between France and England, Spain, and here I am not criticizing the French player.
 Real Madrid News Now

Conference Ancelotti: Carvajal and Coentrao and Di Maria will play tomorrow

Real Madrid News Now

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