Calderon: sit, “Casillas” on the bench is a presidential decision

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Real Madrid News Now : Launched President of Real Madrid former, Ramon Calderon, lashed out at his successor, the current club president, Florentino Perez, accusing him of being behind the exclusion of goalkeeper first club, international Iker Casillas, from the starting lineup for the team the Spanish capital .

 The Calderon, who took over the presidency of Real Madrid during the period (2006-2009), that the issue of the survival of goalkeeper Spain, Iker Casillas, on the bench for no reason technically also said former coach Jose Mourinho, and his successor , Italian Ancelotti, but presidential decree is issued, the current club president Florentino Perez.

 He admitted attorney Spanish, in a statement made by the newspaper “AS” Spanish, that “Casillas” has not received Confidence “Perez” a long time ago, stressing at the same time that the latter had dreamed for a long time contract with goalkeeper Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon.
 He proved, “Calderon” Health Speaking highlighting the earlier statement of the current president of the Club Royal – after one of the defeats suffered by Real Madrid – in which he said the last time in his reply on the reasons for the defeat he received rial “We have been able Casillas help the team, but did not do so.”

 The president of the riyal former, his successor after the decision taken by abandoning playmaker German Mesut Ozil, and Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, also expressing fears of a repeat scenario of the departure of Dutch duo, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben, who nomads from the ranks of the club the Spanish capital, before it rebounds each them their clubs (Inter Milan and Bayern Munich Italian German) for the coronation of the Champions League .

 But the former president, who resigned after the scandal incorporating it individuals are not of the general assembly of the club, justified what he did, “Perez” by asserting that the contract with the player valued Welshman Gareth Bale involves sacrificing one of the star players , so as to cover the money in the deal at the very least.

Real Madrid News Now

Calderon: sit, “Casillas” on the bench is a presidential decision

Real Madrid News Now

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